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Abstract Sailing Seascape

Begin your masterpiece today with the Abstract Sailing Seascape kit! For beginners, advanced artists, and everyone in-between, the Paint By Numbers HQ experience provides relaxation, entertainment, and a beautiful end product! Each kit comes with everything you’ll need to create your art piece of choice, so all you have to worry about is painting. With free shipping on every order and a 50 day guarantee on returns, we make sure that all of our customers are satisfied!

Product Description:

Each Paint By Numbers kit comes ready with a canvas, assorted paint brushes, a selection of paints, and a diy frame if you select that option! The canvas comes printed with an outline of the design you chose, including numbers in each section that correspond to a particular paint pot. The only things you’ll need to provide are a cup of water, a way to wipe off your brush, and a willingness to create!

How To Paint By Numbers:

Painting by Numbers is easy! First, unpack all the contents of your kit: you should have a canvas, paint brushes, pots of paint, and a frame if you added that to your purchase. Next, set up a cup of water and paper towels for yourself so that switching between colors is easy and mess free. And now for the best part... On your canvas, there are going to be blocked out sections with numbers on them. Simply match that number to the paint pot with the same one, and get to painting! Eventually, your canvas will look just like the reference image you chose. 

Why We Love Painting By Numbers!

Painting by numbers removes the (all too common) experience of frustration from design and creation. If you have little to no experience artistically, you can make a beautiful painting with ease! Even if you do have experience, painting by numbers allows for you to have a stress free experience, skipping the oftentimes burdensome process of designing and outlining your painting. When you purchase one of these kits, we will provide practically all the supplies that you’ll need, all in one box. You’ll never need to visit your local art store again! 

Why Choose Paint By Numbers HQ?

Here at Paint By Numbers HQ, your satisfaction is our priority! Over time, we have found the highest quality products in the market so that we can bring our customers the best of the best. We offer free shipping with every order, and work to ensure a smooth return on the off chance your kit doesn’t arrive as described. Returns are accepted up to 50 days after your purchase, along with a full refund. See our FAQ if you have any more questions concerning our shipping and return policies!