How to Paint by Numbers

Painting just got easy! Whether you are a novice or an art enthusiast, you no longer need to feel inadequate about your inability to paint. If you are patient enough to read till the end of this article, you would learn how to paint by numbers with tips and tricks. 

Now, we all agree that there's something decidedly mystic about a good painting; an unexplained, intangible constituent that ventures beyond the realms of the physical into the metaphysical. 

It's why we travel across great distances at enormous costs to see a classic. It's why we fork out exorbitant amounts without even a tinge of regret, just to peer with spellbound awe at a Van Gogh, agonize over the level of detail of a Monet, and engage in endless speculation as to the hidden messages in a painting by Leonard da Vinci. One incontrovertible fact is that art appeals to most of us on a profound level. 

Regardless of whether we're just passive observers, or art enthusiasts, if we're to be really honest, there's a part of us that's secretly envious of these great artists and their works; and the special talent it takes to weave so much perfection and vivid expressiveness into their artistic renditions. 

We can't but marvel when we see sights that give thoughts and feelings so much essence. So we shower them with effusive praise while a secret part of us silently bemoans our limited skill. 

But really, what if there's a way for you to create such beauty? What if your fingers are also able to craft such magic? What if there's an external tinder that can ignite your imaginative and expressive spark and help unleash your creative genius? What if even with your unsubstantial skill levels, you can still create a magnificent work of art to rival the classics?

Paint by numbers offers such opportunities for beginner painters as well as art enthusiasts to explore the art of painting. Paint by numbers refers to the activity which simply involves filling numbered sections of a picture with corresponding colors provided in a kit. In other words, creating that dream masterpiece is just as easy as matching paints to numbers. 

Painting by numbers used to be seen as an activity designed for kids. Nowadays, the popularity of this pastime has enjoyed an exponential upsurge as attitudes have slowly evolved over time. People have come to realize the numerous benefits attached to this particular endeavor and are flocking in their droves to get their very own paint by number kits. 

The advantages of paint by numbers are fairly obvious. Paint by number allows even beginners with no prior knowledge or skill to enjoy the delights of painting while at the same time giving experienced artists a platform and opportunity to improve themselves. 

Many painters are not too enthused with drawing or sketching. Paint by numbers takes away that part for them, helping them concentrate on doing what they enjoy doing the most. 

Of course, you'll get a satisfying sense of accomplishment after completing a painting, because even though paint by numbers has massively simplified the whole process, they still require a lot of time and effort put in them. 

Most often, they require dedication and commitment along with a healthy spirit of adventure to complete. 

By now you must have gotten a feel for the idea behind paint by numbers. In this article, you would learn the following: 

  • what it is paint by numbers 
  • how to paint by numbers 
  • paint by numbers for adults 
  • paint by numbers for kids 
  • custom paint by numbers 
  • helpful tips and tricks that can help you produce the best results. 

  • Now, Let’s dive in fully.


    Paint by numbers is an approach to painting that allows both skilled and unskilled painters to deliver top-notch, high end works by simply matching colors to specific corresponding numbers on a picture. 

    These numbers themselves mark out shapes on the picture. A typical paint by numbers pack contains a printed outline of the picture, a set of brushes, a small photo that shows your target results, pots of acrylic paint and a wooden frame.

    So, by simply following directions, you can create a truly mesmerizing picture that will leave even you amazed. In a way, it's sort of an advanced coloring book.

    Well, that's one way to look at it. Another way of seeing paint by numbers is as a prod or prompt that helps you connect with your artistic side. In other words, it enables you to discover, explore and channel your creative tendencies. 

    In addition to being a great way to unwind and let off steam, paint by numbers can really help you brush up your painting skills. 

  • If you want to get serious about painting, paint by numbers can teach you a whole lot about excellent brush techniques and control. 

  • It can also help you understand that great paintings are a culmination of several shapes and colors into one breathtaking whole. 

  • It can help you improve your eye for details, and soon you'll start noticing yourself making perfectly natural, flawless estimations about color combinations that'll work best on particular subjects. 

  • The best part is, paint by numbers can help you improve your focus and mental acuity and before long you'll start delivering masterpiece after masterpiece without the need for any outlines. 


    You may have learnt that painting by numbers is simply an exercise in matching colors with numbers, but quite frankly, it goes beyond that, and there are certain techniques that can help your paintings transcend the ordinary. 

    The best way to approach painting by numbers is to resist the temptation of painting sections and instead focus on painting a color at a time. You should also start from the largest area of the selected color to the smallest. 

    This top to bottom system is immensely beneficial. The larger areas offer more room for easily rectifiable error, and by starting with them, you're giving yourself enough time to get the hang of it before you tackle the more intricate patterns and shapes. 

    Further, you'll also significantly reduce paint wastage by adopting this approach, and you'll also be able to channel the energy you'd ordinarily expend washing out paintbrushes into more productive pursuits. Not to mention the fact that your paintings will come out neater and more professionally done. 

    Later in this post, we'll be examining several more tips and tricks that can help you produce consistently excellent results. 


    As we've earlier stated, paint by numbers was once considered an activity meant strictly for children, something to keep their minds and bodies occupied while adults focused on catching a break or engaging in some other tasks. 

    Nowadays the tide has turned and the fad has caught on, and adult paint by numbers has never been more popular. Manufacturers seem to have caught on too, as there's a wide variety of paint by numbers for adults kits offered. 

    With sizes ranging from small to extra-large, and with different difficulty levels, there's something for everyone. 

    If you're new to painting, paint by numbers can be a great companion on your journey to self-discovery. It offers you a wonderful launch pad and a soft landing and can be a fine way to hone your skills.

    Paint by numbers kits offer you the flexibility to begin with simple designs and gradually climb up the spectrum as your confidence and productivity increases. 

    For budding artists, adult paint by numbers kits provide the perfect platform for you to develop your talents by testing yourself with the more complicated pictures while having fun the whole time. 

    Paint by number kits for adults come with everything you would need to start painting immediately, from pots of paint to brushes to picture outlines.

    When it comes to paint, there are several offered choices, with acrylic and oil paint being the most common. You may also find some paint by number kits that contain watercolor and even pencils. Our recommendation would be acrylic paint as they dry faster and reduce the risk of smudge. 

    Acrylic paints are also easier to dilute with water, since they may appear a little dry when you unpack them. They are also easier to wash off your paintbrush when you want to switch colors. 

    The paintings are usually folded or wrapped in plastic to make shipping and transport easier, so they may appear a bit roughed up or crumpled when you unravel them. Not to worry, similar to pressing clothes, a careful application of heat can smoothen them out. 

    Most paint by number kits for adults usually offer a wooden board and pins for you to stretch your picture over, if you prefer that to flat surfaces. The included wooden frames may not be up to required standard, however, so you may have to construct alternatives. 

    The paint brushes included in adult paint by numbers kits however still leave much to be desired. Several users report that they wear out pretty quickly, and leave paintings looking really flat. For optimal results, you may need to purchase separate paintbrushes, and don't forget to coat your paintbrush with glossy materials such as nail polish. It can definitely add to the shine of your paintings. 

    Paint by numbers' huge popularity has facilitated its inclusion in the list of 100 best hobbies of the century.  Adult paint by numbers kits are quite easy to purchase. You can purchase one of several choices without stress either in brick and mortar art stores or online retail stores anywhere in the world. 


    You've heard it before, kids were the original target audience of paint by numbers. Chances are you've made use of one of these items in elementary school, such is their popularity. Even in homes, parents use paint by numbers as a failsafe plan to keep overactive kids occupied and give themselves some breathing space. 

    Paint by numbers for kids can do so much more than entertain them though. It can introduce their young minds to a world of color and beauty and infuse their imaginations with so much colorful detail. If you purchase one of these kits for your kids, you're simultaneously sharpening their minds and for the artistically inclined kids, since you're introducing them to the finer points of painting and art early, you're preparing them for a lifetime of excellence. While you're at it, you might even end up gifting the world another Picasso. 

    Children's paint by numbers kits are offered in hundreds of designs, from fantastic creatures to more regular ones. Purchase a painting by numbers kit for your kid and set him or her on their own private adventure and set their creative juices flowing. After all, just like Locke says, children are blank canvases waiting to be masterpieces. 


    Perhaps you've got a cherished photograph which holds immense sentimental value for you. You can make those valued memories even more remarkable by converting them into paintings. Custom paint by numbers affords you the opportunity to recreate those perfect moments, this time on canvas as aesthetically pleasing paintings. 

    Custom paint by numbers is a personalized service offered by several paint by numbers kits manufacturers. First, you'd need to send them the photo you want converted and specify your desired size. This can even be done online. 

    However, you would have to ensure that the photo is clear and detailed, as this will affect how the painting turns out in a major way. After this first step, the manufacturers will usually send you a final draft for confirmation, and will only proceed when confirmation is granted.  There's a waiting period of about a few weeks for processing, which may be extended if your package is to be shipped to you. 

    The result is a delightful DIY paint by numbers package that offers you and your companions quality time painting and reliving those wonderful memories together. The thoughtfulness and care invested in custom paint by numbers also make them the perfect gifts for those special occasions. And if your painting turns out really great, you can even frame it and display it proudly on your wall.